Amber Turner Presents Her
4 week fitness plan
Get Fit & 
tone up
I want to share with you my workouts to help you feel great in 28 days and be the best version of yourself both inside and out. I see all the weight loss things out there, and I just think none of it compares to a proper, targeted fitness plan and healthy eating. So I said to my team I wanted to share how I get myself fit, toned and feeling good about my body!
I love working out and I absolutely love my plan and I know you will too. I've used it to tone up and feel so much more body confident in just 4 weeks and SO CAN YOU! All you have to do is follow the plan. It's worked for me and it will work for you...
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A Personal Note From Amber...
There are so many quick fixes out there when it comes to getting in shape and I’ve always stayed well away from these.

This workout plan is real training that has been developed to help you be fitter, stronger and more toned and the best part is you can do it at home or in the gym. 

I have done it myself and feel proud to put my name to it.

I've worked with one of the best personal trainers on this. You just don't have to do all the crazy gimmicky stuff that is out there guys!

No silly dieting, just real training and a balanced lifestyle.

amber'S PLAN
-4 Week Training Plan 
-10 x Workouts Videos Demonstrated By Amber 
-2 x Upper Body & Abs Workouts
-2 x Lower Body Workouts
-2 x Full Body Sweat & Sculpt Workouts 
-2 x Cardio & Core Workouts
-2 x Active Abs Workouts
-1 x Warm Up 
-1 x Downloadable Workout Guide  
-Stretching Guide
-Amber’s Top 15 Healthy Recipes
-Weekly Workout Planner 
INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for the full 4-week plan is already a bargain at $70, but on Amber's request, for a limited time ONLY she has reduced the price to a giveaway $20 that is a Massive 70% Discount!
You have AMber's words, but also...
Hear What People Who Have Done Amber's Plan Say:
"I’ve really enjoyed doing the workouts and they have really motivated me. It has gave me focus in the gym. I’m going to keep going with it, as I’ve also lost 6lb so I'm happy with that in the short space of time!''

JILL, 35
"I have honestly been amazed at how well this plan has worked and I’ve really enjoyed the sessions. I can see so many improvements, and I have loved seeing the difference in the way I look but I think more so loved the way I feel. I feel great and really healthy!"

RUTH, 40
what do you actually get?
4 Week Plan
with Amber Turner
  • 10 x Demo Workout Videos Unlock & Access Videos
  • Warm Up Video Unlock & Access 
  • 15 Easy, Healthy Recipes inc. Vegan & Vegetarian Options
  • Downloadable Guide Download & Keep Forever PDF
  • Stretching Guide Download & Keep Forever
  • Weekly Workout Planner Download & Keep Forever
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
I've Done It Using This Plan... So Can You!
INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for the full 4-week plan is already a bargain at $70, but on Amber's request, for a limited time ONLY she has reduced the price to a giveaway $20 that is a Massive 70% Discount!
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